From Clients
on Riona Mac Monagle

"Thank you so much for our fantastic wedding album, we love it. You managed to capture the excitement, anticipation and the love throughout one of the best days of our lives. Every time we look at the photos it brings us right back there. Thanks again for the 2 disorganised Durrus lovebirds."
Fra and Colin

"The photos are incredible. We truly appreciate you vision and artistry. We are incredibly lucky that your were available for our wedding!"
Aimee and Eric

"Thank you so much for your excellent work on out wedding album. We had a brillant time on our photo shoot and the bridal party had a ball! Thank you for making our special day so memorable."
Lisa and Darren

"Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did on the photos but not only that you really made the day fun for us and certainly kept us all relaxed and calm throughout the entire day. Thanks a million!"
Celia and Barry

"Thank you again for all your help in making our wedding day so great. The pictures are fantastic and we are so excited to have such great documentation of our day. Feel free to use us as a referral although your work speaks for itself."
Kerry and Pa